AutoSig: When the Image Counts Autosig Employees
AutoSig Systems announces fast reliable fingerprint identification for customers or Single Sign On by employees
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Welcome to ASI!

ASI is an innovator of image document technology that invents and develops solutions for Document and Signature/ID Imaging, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Services for the banking and financial community.

For over 31 years, banks have selected our software and services to positively impact their operations and help them better verify transactions and store important documents. As an independent provider, our customers remain solidly connected to us, and receive the full benefit of continued use of our innovative image technologies, regardless of decisions to change other vendors or other changing technologies

With a history of creating and inventing efficient algorithms and compressions we have addressed and perfected the details of image technology. Many of our bank customers quote, “It just simply works well.’

With customer relationships built upon trust and the importance of technology, ASI is an ideal partner to deliver your image automation needs, when the image counts.

     ASI Provides Solutions for: