AutoSig: When the Image Counts Autosig Employees
AutoSig Systems announces Biometric Fingerprint Identification and Single Sign On for employees
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About ASI

ASI has been in continuous operation since November of 1981. The forerunner of the company was Autosig II Joint Venture Ltd. formed in 1978 in Irving, TX, to invent, develop and market Signature Verification solutions for banks and other financial institutions. ASI is a privately-held company with headquarters currently in Grayson, Georgia. (A northern suburb of Atlanta)

ASI has a long history of invention and innovation. ASI invented "signature pads" and was the first company to incorporate their use in financial transactions. ASI invented the first image scanners that were used to capture signatures from signature cards. ASI invented image capture and display protocols to assist in the storage, retrieval, and display of images for mainframes, and PCs. ASI was the first company to merge captured signatures and document images to create secure E-Signed documents. ASI was the first company to invent image "drivers" that directly capture document images from a print stream in order to store documents to the document archive directly without having to print the documents and scan them back in. ASI's broad experience in image technology allowed us to invent our ICE technology (Image Compression Engine) that minimizes the size of images for storage and transmission across networks. Our proprietary compression technology also insures your data will not be hacked!

Since the installation of our initial signature verification system in 1979 (the First commercially available signature verification system), ASI has expanded our current product offerings to include: Identity Verification, Signature Verification, Photo Verification, BSA or Bank Security Act compliance, Fraud Prevention and Check Fraud Detection, Check Verification, Electronic Signatures, Enterprise Content Management, Business Continuity Planning, Vendor Contract Management, Patriot Act Compliance, Finger Print Verification, Document Tracking, Document Management, Document Imaging, ESign, Workflow Management, and Bank Disaster Recovery. All of these solutions provide the tools to comply with a multitude of changing regulatory requirements facing banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

We are proud to say that we have Banking and Credit Union Customers all over the world ranging from de Novo Banks up to some of the World's Largest Financial Institutions.

It is OUR MISSION to continue to partner and evolve with our current and future customers. As an innovator and inventor, ASI is responsible for staying ahead of the industry to fully support and service the needs of all current and future customers. We accomplish this by continuing to design and develop High Quality Solutions that allow our customers to Improve Customer Satisfaction, Improve Business Processes, and Achieve Compliance, all while reducing operating costs.